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II-V-I visual chord method

I’ve been trying to find a way to memorise 2-5-1 on the alto sax and I came up with this. If you’re into cycling through such chords, you may find this visual approach useful. N.B. the keys in small font

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Pure evil… In my attic

Having spent the entire day fighting my way through rolls of fibre glass and rats, I finally discover THIS FIEND in the corner. It’s about four foot tall and smells of soot. Any takers?

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Dirty Loops just hit me

Really excited finally to hear a new tune from Dirty Loops. I got to it when it had only had 300 views, an hour after uploading. Join me in watching it (again).

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The library scene from Se7en

When I was chewing over the idea of children exploring a (potentially ominious) mirror world and spending years in the Replica reading books, I had this scene in the back of my mind. In a film that is largely characterised

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Tracking shots that create tension

A number of people who have read The Mirror Children, say that it reads like a screenplay. I know that I think visually, but I realise now that when I am writing I am often visualising a scene in movement. With

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Punctuating thoughts in prose

It’s taken me a long time to settle on a method for punctuating thoughts. A lot of the older children’s novels I read (from the 1950s and 1960s) punctuate thoughts with double or single inverted commas, but this makes the thoughts

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Final draft… I think

I’m nearly finished with what I hope will be final draft of the book. To get to this stage, I converted a earlier draft into an e-pub (iBooks) file and emailed to as many people as I thought would read it on

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Atari’s console dud ET to be re-animated!

This is old news but such a crazy story that I thought it worthy of mention. Perhaps the most appalling console game ever devised, Atari’s 1982 Christmas clanger ET, is to be dug up from where it was buried in Mexico

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The worst film in living memory

After sitting through Skyline last night, I wondered if it was just me or was this the worst film ever made? I had a look at some absolutely hilarious reviews, the funniest of which is here. Well, that’s 2 hours of my

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How many days is the average life?

As a teacher I’ve been going on about the concept of carpe diem (Latin: seize the day) for ages, telling my classes that if they live to be just over 80, that equates to about 30,000 days on Earth. ‘It’s not

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