The library scene from Se7en

When I was chewing over the idea of children exploring a (potentially ominious) mirror world and spending years in the Replica reading books, I had this scene in the back of my mind. In a film that is largely characterised by violent imagery, this scene is an island of relative calm. However, the beauty of Bach’s accompanying Air on the G String deepens the sense of disquiet as the images from Dante’s Divine Comedy pass before the viewers’ eyes. If a film was ever made of The Mirror Children, it would be incredible if the sense of foreboding in this scene could be distilled and used in scenes within the Replica. It seems self-indulgent to externalise these hopes but, well… you never know.

You can see my ‘wish list’ of cinematographical ideas for a film here. There are just a few trifling matters to clear up first such as (1) actually finishing the book, (2) publishing it, (3) getting an audience for it, (4) writing a screenplay and (5) getting David Fincher to direct. As I said, just trifling matters.

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  1. Ju L says:

    In the words of Al Humphreys ‘Think big. Think small. Start small. But do start’.

    Read some of his blogs – he’s written and self published, great books. My favourite blog posts are the most recent one, Push Push Push, and 20 Qs, from a while ago. My inspiration for life change at the moment.

    You have started!

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