The Mirror Children book

The Mirror Children tells the story of a group of youths who discover that they can climb into mirrors and enter a parallel universe that is a snapshot of the real world at the moment they enter.

The mirror world, which the children name the “Replica”, is a chiral representation of Earth, except for the fact that it contains no living organisms. The children discover that, though they become tired cyclically within the Replica, they can spend as much time as they like there without ever needing to eat or drink. When they leave the Replica through a mirror, they return to the real world at the moment they left it regardless of how many hours, days or years they have spent in the alternate reality.

The children revel in the freedom that the discovery of this new world gives them but, motivated by a superstitious fear of the dark, they make a pact never to enter the Replica at night. It is not until one of their group goes missing within the Replica that they realise their fears may not have been groundless.

The novel superficially explores a strand of existentialism that deals with the value of time and how we humans may choose, or not, to capitalise on the few years that we have on Earth.

This site primarily exits to catalogue the process of publishing The Mirror Children, to promote the free download of the book and to encourage discussion on ideas such as the value of time. One of the motivating factors in setting up this site has been to encourage the concept of self-teaching and to show how I try to apply the principles of skill-centred learning in my own life.

The Mirror Children should be available to download in October 2015, but please follow my blog for updates. The site is a work in progress, so feel free to bookmark it or subscribe to see how it all develops.