Final draft… I think

I’m nearly finished with what I hope will be final draft of the book. To get to this stage, I converted a earlier draft into an e-pub (iBooks) file and emailed to as many people as I thought would read it on their iPad. iBooks has a great function that allows readers to make notes in the margin. My readers have found a few glitches, but the thing that I’ve noticed is that Publishly (the conversion tool I used) has thrown quite a lot of the punctuation out of whack. I think I’m going to need a friend with a Mac to convert the final document so that the punctuation retains its integrity.

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2 comments on “Final draft… I think
  1. matt jago says:

    Hi jason, would love to read if at all possible. I have an ipad!

    • Jason Garner says:

      If you send your mail via the contact form, I will get right back to you. Thanks for offering to read it. Jase

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